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The ulimtate

party for an 'A' lister

When a Hollywood A lister wants to celebrate a birthday and it coincides with the end of a blockbuster shoot, you know it’s not going to be a humble event. But it will be a highly secretive one.

Our team were entrusted with producing the audiovisual component which had to show the movie rough cut at its best.

We signed 21 page non disclosure agreements and shredded every written document in the process.

And of course we had to make sure that despite having a 84 inch monitor next to a swimming pool with a hundred inebriated guests jumping in, nothing could go wrong.

Looking perfect

ITV's Titanic project

The iceberg had to be exactly the right shade of white.

When a film has got some of the best special effects ever done it goes without saying you’ll need a screen that does it justice.

Before hiring us to deliver the premier of the Titanic series the director wanted us to know just how perfect he wanted the image on screen to be. We went into a big West End cinema to get a preview of the first series and its amazing computer generated graphics.

Our set build integrated a Full HD 10,000 lumen Barco projector, short throw lens, dolby digital sound processsor 16.9 ratio rear project screen all of course white balanced. The film came on an HD cam tape and required a 5.1 Surroundsound system.

Invites were exclusively to the press and film industry, who enjoyed every minute.

High profile events such as cinema screenings

When you’ve got a lot of people speaking

Audio visual hire for your events in london

When a conference gets big there is an assortment of technical issues to think about.

Lapel microphones can produce feedback easily so they need to be managed. Also the last thing you want is your keynote speaker’s voice obliterated by a security guard that’s using the same frequency. Don’t laugh, it happens.

All this needs some planning and Stacey Edwards is the man to do it. Stacey holds a BA in contemporary music production from the University of Guildford and is proficient in using so called smart software to sound equalise a room. That way it sounds as close to a studio as it possibly can.

Events generate important last minute audio visual needs. Josephine at St Barts describes how ems helps with plan changes