Audio Visual (AV) Hire for Conferences


Ever thought about the way in which audio visual can help with dealing with linguistic problems at business conferences? Nowadays most business conferences involve people from more than one nationality. Although most will speak good English, there will always be some who have a more limited knowledge of the language.

Clear visuals linked to every speech assists understanding, especially when it comes to complex topics. Yet if those visuals come up at the wrong time, are blurred or not sufficiently distinct then your audience will experience problems. A skilled AV technician can reduce the risk of these problems occurring. By using the most up to date equipment, having the time to do discuss requirements with each speaker and being able to do test runs beforehand, many potential problems can be avoided.

Likewise the sound quality of each presentation needs to be carefully adjusted throughout the speech to ensure that maximum clarity is obtained. AV technicians are fully trained to deal with this and watch for any glitches that might be about to occur, taking action to pre-empt those glitches wherever possible. The AV technician will be able to do sound checks beforehand, adapt the technology to deal with any sound peculiarities that each room possesses such as the occasional dead areas where sound is minimal. This ensures that every person in the auditorium will be able to hear the presentation effectively.

Sometimes highly technical or detailed important speeches may need to be simultaneously translated in order to achieve maximum understanding among all the audience. Talking to an AV company beforehand will ensure that the technology needed by the translator is fully linked into the AV systems. Simultaneous translators will require their own sound proof booths, and will require excellent communication links in order to be able to hear every word. Bearing in mind that simultaneous translation is very exhausting and can only be undertaken by any one person for a short time before that person needs a rest, waiting areas need to be provided where the other translator can be preparing to take over.

Showing forethought in terms of provision, can ensure a much better relationship with both your venue and your audience. People will be a lot happier when they realize that their needs are being met, and it means that they will be more likely to return in the future. Then there are long term advantages – people who have had a good experience at a business conference are more likely to talk to others about it, and give a good opinion of your business.

Taking time at the beginning of preparations to consider the needs of all your visitors will pay dividends. Talking to an AV company well in advance of the event will ensure that any problems can be identified beforehand, leaving you confident that no glitches and issues will spoil the actual event.