Audio Visual (AV) Hire London


Good visuals can tell a thousand words – instantly memorable, they are the images that stay in the memory long after a conference or event has ended. This is an extremely visual age in which everyone is accustomed to seeing high quality visuals on virtually every subject under the sun. People are bombarded with images on screen, TV, films, newspapers. As a result, everyone expects good visual images everywhere they go.

Choosing the best visuals and graphics to accompany an event or conference is extremely important. The visuals must tell the story without detracting in any way from it.

Working with good audio visual professionals can make a tremendous difference to any event. Before beginning a presentation, always make sure that the AV equipment works and that there is a back up available if something goes wrong.

Wherever possible, it is best to consult with an AV advisor early within the planning process. This will ensure that any problems are kept to an absolute minimum. After all – the last thing that any presenter wants is to find the microphones not working or the computer link up has failed. An all too common problem occurs when one of the presenters is having to complete a presentation via Skype. When transmission fails part of the way through a scheduled talk, and then crashes again or the speakers voice simply disappears, a back up plan is absolutely essential.

Check out too that the location is suitable for an AV presentation. Natural lighting from big windows, reflections from mirrors or low ceilings can create havoc with the placement of screens and AV equipment. Hot summer sun streaming through a window can render images on a screen too faint to be seen. Ensuring that black out curtains are available is a small thing but not every room possesses these curtains. Looking carefully at the room during the booking process will enable potential problems to be rapidly identified and solved.

An experienced Audio Visual company can highlight potential problems and find solutions way before the event takes place, thus making sure that the event runs smoothly. All that remains is for the presenter to ensure that the images match the subject matter and capture everyone’s attention.