Audio Visual Hire for Annual General Meetings (AGM’s)

av hire for annual general meetings

Holding an AGM is an important part of the company calendar – but can be very fraught affairs. If business problems are emerging, profits are down, shareholders are annoyed, the proceedings can get very argumentative. At that point the last thing you want is to encounter problems with the rooms or the equipment breaking down.

Just imagine the situation – your chairman is giving his most important speech and the microphones fail. Or the information fails to appear on the projection screens. The wi-fi packs up. The plasma screens decide not to work. The display screens fall down. Power point displays fail. Not only does it upset the progress of the meeting, but such problems generates annoyance within the company, among the shareholders – and a lot of bad press from the journalists present.

Yet all of this can be avoided. All it needs is a little bit of forethought and planning. It is not just the room and catering that needs to be booked well in advance – it is the audio visual facilities. Talking to your audio visual equipment providers well in advance of the meeting will make all the difference.

They will be able to ensure that there are sufficient spare microphones available throughout the proceedings. All the equipment will be of high quality, tested and ready for immediate use. If problems occur, they are rectified instantly and frequently people present at the AGM will not even know that technological hitches have occurred.

In addition, they can provide suggestions as how to improve the technological features of the AGM. Ever thought of using a presidential style autocue? It will ensure that your speakers run no risk of forgetting important figures or information. In fact, a presidential style autocue will also allow scrip changes to be made even as the speech is underway, thus ensuring that it is completely up to date with the latest data.

Equipment such as LED monitors, wireless lighting and PA systems can make operating the AGM much less hassle free. Perhaps you need to ensure that voting systems are ready for use? An interactive voting system provides quick and easy results. You don’t even have to operate the equipment as specialist AV technicians can take over the task and do it all for you.