Audio Visual Reaches New Heights

Audio Visual Reaches New Heights

Audio Visual systems are reaching new heights and places, taking on a very innovative approach to entertainment.

Over in America, a journey in a lift will never be the same again. Instead of looking at blank walls all round, lift users at the Empire State Building now watch AV screens overhead. A new lift experience incorporating one-of-a-kind mini shows complete with sound provide passengers with an astounding AV experience.

All passengers have do is watch the ceiling as the lift moves upwards. Scenes are projected onto the ceiling allowing passengers to be transported back in time to when the building was constructed. Workers can be seen on working and sitting on construction beams high above the streets of New York, enjoying the sunshine with a deep blue sky overhead. These are direct recreations of scenes from historical photographs. Passengers nervous of heights are recommended not to look upwards!

Coming down from the Observatory on the 86th Floor is somewhat calmer. This time, the audio visual ceiling show sets out to prepare visitors for the ride back to the New York city streets far below. Different features of the art deco lobby are portrayed on the ceiling, ultimately combining to create the iconic mural they will see on the front of the Fifth Avenue entrance to the building.

According to the director of the Observatory, this new AV experience provides not just additional entertainment for visitors, but enables them to be fully immersed in the world of the Empire State Building.

As yet, this feature is unique to the Empire State Building – but it’s success with visitors is likely to lead to the use of the technology elsewhere in the world. It certainly provides new challenges for the AV technicians. Not only is there a need to create a constantly moving projection, within a moving vehicle, it needs constant maintenance. Any breakdown or failure of the AV systems creates a major public relations problem for the Empire State Building. Keeping systems running smoothly is essential.

Using AV technology in such innovative ways reflects the constant pressure within the industry to expand the visitor experience. Reliable technology and staff capable of maintaining and producing such systems are essential. There can be little doubt that for innovative companies and innovative AV technicians, the sky is the limit with new challenges set to appear daily.