Conference Audio Visual (AV) Hire


Conferences are highly important events in any business calendar. Attending a conference is an opportunity for people to make new contacts or to allow groups of colleagues in different sectors of a business to come together, learn and discuss issues that are important to them. Audio Visual technology plays an important role in ensuring that those conferences are a success. It is this technology that underlines the conference speakers ability to talk to large numbers of people, and make their message clearly heard and understood. Speakers can talk naturally knowing that the microphone they wear will project their voice across the auditorium. They can use computers and show images, diagrams on screen instantly.

Throughout a conference, presenters may be using all manner of technology such as live camera feeds, presentations, Skype communications, pre-recorded videos and using digital imagery to present brand logos. Ensuring that every aspect of this technology works perfectly, and portrays exactly what the presenter wants is the task of the AV technicians on site. Their job is one of the hardest in the conference organisation simply because so much can go wrong. Just one lead breaking, someone tripping over a lead, or computer systems crashing can spell disaster for the conference. Given the propensity for people to use social media very quickly, news of problems can flashed across the internet within minutes. It can be a potential PR nightmare! There is no way that anyone can control what is being said on the internet via social media.

This is why it is so important to get the AV team involved as early as possible in the conference process. They need to be able to give their input on the state of the building and whether the electrics and facilities will actually cope with what is being envisaged. The AV team need preparation time before the conference takes place to put all their equipment into the right positions, make sure everything is connected properly and working efficiently.

If you have speakers whose first language is not English, then check whether an interpreter will be required. The interpreter will also need time to get used to the AV translation equipment.

Choosing a reputable AV company to put all this in place is crucial. They will have the knowledge, the skills and the expertise – as well as the spare equipment necessary to deal with any problems that arise without the conference organisers even knowing that a problem had occurred.