LED video wall for events

Conferences are great places for learning something new, for discovering new concepts and ideas. This is where people learn from the speakers and from each other in discussions and workshops. Access to this type of information is crucial to helping people do their jobs better, and staying ahead of emerging trends that are affecting an industry.

Clear communications are vital. Every person attending that conference needs to be able to see and hear everything that is going on, and be able to ask questions and join in discussions. This is why AV has become one of the most important ways to keep participants fully engaged throughout an event. It is not enough to simply expect people to sit back and listen. They need perfect communications.

Research undertaken by cognitive psychologists has revealed that AV is one of the most successful methods by which people are able to clarify thoughts, interact, understand and make links between various concepts. In fact, people process images 60,000 times faster than text! Visual images such as graphs and charts used in power point presentations encourage rapid understanding.

As a result sightlines need to be perfect for every attendee, and every image clear and bright. Failing to do this, means that some attendees will not benefit from the conference, and miss out on important aspects of the programme. And it is not just the visual elements – sound is equally important. If people cannot hear what is being said, they will lose interest.

Talking to AV professionals is essential at the very beginning of preparations for any conference. Not only will this ensure that you have all the equipment perfectly placed to avoid potential problems, but it will enable you to identify any additional ways in which you could improve your AV facilities. Simply providing microphones, screens and projectors may not be enough.

Screens could be installed in networking areas showing key elements from various talks, enabling participants to check information; or video walls could be used to promote company messages and brands. Then there is the rapidly developing hologram technology which is increasingly making an impact in presentations, lighting and sound effects to be considered.

Above all else, using the services of AV experts means that you avoid the biggest headache of all – something going wrong on the day! Losing all sound and visual elements is guaranteed to ruin a conference. Having AV specialists working the equipment provides peace of mind, and ensures everyone attending is able to take full advantage of every learning opportunity.