EMS Events makes massive Investment in Sound, Visual, Lighting and Interpretation Equipment

ems events sound visuals

Our Motto is “Experience is Everything.” This experience and having the right team on board helps us deliver outstanding levels of customer service. We understand that having the right hire stock is what makes the difference between delivering an average event, or an outstanding event. We want each and every one of your events to be outstanding.

Simultaneous Interpretation has been an area where we have had a lot of growth, this is because we have listened to the clients briefs and provided solutions specific to their needs. We have worked on the chinese premiere’s visit to London last year and many other high profile events, and can now provide Interpreters in near enough any language.

There are many new products in stock and include; new Videowalls, 80” and 103” Plasma Screens, more sound & lighting kit including additional LED Lights, Follow Spots and Behringer X32 sound mixers, lots of additional Sennheiser wireless microphones so that we always have stock when you need it.

To find out about more our new stock and what we can do for you, please call the EMS Events AV hire team on 0207 820 9000 or email us at support@ems-events.co.uk.