Award Ceremonies

An Awards Ceremony is always a very high profile event attended by large numbers of people and the press. Such events may attract worldwide publicity. For the Awards winners it can be the highlight of their lives, when they are made to feel really special. It is their day, just as much as the company organising the event. Ensuring that the event is totally successful is important. Problems such as projection or communication systems failing during the ceremony would be disastrous which is why it is important to work with an experienced company who can provide suitable equipment and project management to ensure success.

At the Vitesse Media – Women in IT 2016 awards we provided a total service including project management, the hire of audio visual equipment, technical support, event production, graphics and power point production.

Using special equipment such as Gobo projectors to create special effects can make walking to receive an award even more memorable. Wall to wall screening ensures that everyone present has a comprehensive view of the events. While autocue systems make sure that no mistakes are made with names, information or speeches.

We know just how important it is for a client to create a good impression and do everything we can to ensure that is exactly what happens. With EMS Events clients enjoy peace of mind, knowing that all equipment will work perfectly, and that the event will take place with no technological hitches.

A dedicated project manager will provide support, advising on equipment and production. At every step, EMS Events will assist and ensure your awards ceremony is professionally managed from start to finish.

Contact EMS Events now for immediate assistance. We await your call.

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