Conferences can be very complex to organize often involving both daytime and evening events in the same rooms. Converting lighting and facilities has to be undertaken quickly and efficiently to a strict timescale. Ensuring full audio visual and communications are active at every point in the proceedings is essential to ensure that all delegates obtain the maximum information from the event.

Proceedings may need to be filmed. Cameras need to be accurate, with microphones picking up every word clearly while providing excellent visuals since the resultant films will be displayed and used by countless others in the future. Web streaming linking speakers in real time has to be carefully monitored.

Consideration must also be given to potential translation needs. For many delegates, english will not be their first language. A good example is the International Hosteling Association conference, which we recently supported involved hundreds of international delegates speaking many different languages. High quality translation booths, IR wireless receivers and distribution systems were needed to cater for the simultaneous translation required throughout the proceedings.

Technical teams may be needed on site for several days to operate the equipment and deal with unexpected problems such as electric bulbs failing or microphones failing at crucial moments. This is where experience counts.

With over 20 years experience providing conference technology facilities, EMS Events is well placed to ensure that every conference is a success. As a full service audio visual hire and event production company, we possess venue partnerships and approved supplier status at many prestigious hotels, venues and historical buildings.

A dedicated project manager will provide support advising on equipment and production. At every step, EMS Events will assist and ensure your conference is professionally managed from start to finish.

Contact EMS Events now for immediate assistance. We await your call.

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