Standing out from the crowd is essential at exhibitions in order to capture visitor attention. Superb lighting, audio visual, branding and set design are key elements in ensuring visitors choose one stand over another. The more time they spend on a stand, the greater the chances of gaining orders and sales.

Dancers, light changing lasers, music, Gobo projections, film clips are just some of the many audio visual effects that may be incorporated into an exhibition stand display. Making sure that everything goes to plan, that no hitches occur, that music matches the visuals or the dancing is essential.

EMS Events is the ideal business partner to ensure that exhibition displays are perfect. We have over 20 years experience in providing the services businesses need to create successful events. We can provide every type of equipment that may be needed from exhibition boards, to backdrops, to video projectors to vision mixers. Want wall to wall screening or plasma screens? No problem, we have just the equipment you need.

We are also the partner of choice for many venues, historic buildings and hotels across London. We have worked with them on many occasions and know exactly what is needed at each site. Such background knowledge makes it easier to set up and run exhibitions smoothly and efficiently allowing clients to concentrate on gaining sales and visitors.

A dedicated project manager will provide support and advice about equipment and production. At every step, EMS Events will assist and ensure your exhibition is professionally managed from start to finish.

Contact EMS Events now for prompt, rapid assistance. We await your call.

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