AV specialists

Holding an event of any kind can be expensive. No matter whether you are organising a short presentation, a fashion show or a full scale conference, there are a lot of costs involved.
There is the need to hire rooms or even a building, organise catering, pay people to speak at your event, deal with security and services, advertising and publicity. The list goes on and on, especially when your brief is to make the event as exciting, memorable and eye catching as possible. As a result, you may have to factor in travel, special sets and installations. To take just one example, fashion shows held by designer Orla Kiely have included not just a conventional catwalk but theatrical scenes like a 1950’s typing pool, a crazy golf course and even a florist’s shop. There may be holograms, computer links across several locations, or high profile celebrities to open an event. The more complex the event, the more people that are needed to create all the various aspects including photographers, computer personnel, stylists and even film producers.

Inevitably, there will be problems encountered along the way, and budgets can come under a strain or simply overrun. Trying to keep track of costs can be hard.

Given the scale of such events, it can easy to overlook one very significant aspect – Audio Visual. Without efficient audio visual preparations it is impossible to run an event of any kind. Leaving it to the last minute can result in difficulties obtaining the type of equipment you need, discovering that the AV systems needed are much more complex than anticipated, or finding that something isn’t working on the day and you have no replacements at hand.

AV specialists are an essential part of preparations for any event, large or small. They have the skills and the expertise to recommend the right product for the right job, ensure you have all that is necessary to ensure everyone present at an event can hear and see all that is happening at all times. Consideration should also be given to the need to hire AV specialists to operate the equipment on the day – they will be able to deal with any AV problems that arise instantly and will have back up equipment immediately available, thus ensuring that you avoid unnecessary last minute expenses.