Lighting Effects for your Event


Ever thought of adding some lighting effects to your presentations? It can make quite a different to the way your event is perceived by your audience – as well as making it more memorable.

Visual images are regarded as highly important by almost everyone. We have become a much more visual society as a result of the growth of television, film, computers and the internet. The use of lighting effects assists that visual requirements throughout events.

The extent of the lighting effects can be as little or as much as you require. Instead of printing logo’s onto banners, consider projecting the logo’s onto the wall or a screen as part of your audio visual system. Create moods to match the tenor of a talk or presentation by switching lights around the stage or uplighting a wall, curtain or image. Add music to the lighting effect. As long as it does not drown out the speaker, these audio effects will add further emphasis to the visual images.

Using corporate colours as a lighting background reinforces your company’s image. With sufficient notice, AV companies can blend the colours or vary the shades as required throughout the presentation. It does take time to organise, so careful planning is essential. Discussing plans with your AV company will allow the AV technicians to work out the best methods of achieving a really cool lighting effect.

When choosing colours for lighting effects, do bear in mind that your audience will almost certainly include some people who suffer from red green colour blindness. As a result if you want to use green lighting to stress a major point, it may well pass unnoticed by part of your audience. They simply will not be able to see it.

Talk to your AV company as early as possible in your planning procedure. They can often provide advice and ideas about lighting effects that you might not otherwise have considered. As experts in audio visual material, their input can be a valuable asset. It also ensures that you stay within your budget.