Maximising your Event


Ever considered how to maximise the effect of your corporate event? Holding an event that goes smoothly is one thing – making it memorable and effective is another.

The key lies in the last 10% of the planning process. This is where you stop and look at all that has been arranged and booked. Take a few minutes to think about how it could be improved.

Ask for advice. Remember that the event providers are experts and they will be able to call on years of experience. A few minutes talking to your Audio Visual and computer providers can inspire, create or improve your plans.

Consider the people who are giving the speeches. Do they need any help creating the right presentation? Are there any special links or equipment that can be used to help bring that presentation alive? What are their voices like? People’s voices vary considerably both in terms of dialect and in speech patterns. Arrange for a speech trial before the start of the presentation – this can iron out any problems regarding volume or clarity and gives the equipment providers time to bring in extra assistance if necessary.

Presentations that are fully supported by AV materials help keep the topic to the forefront of the audience’s attention. Good images and AV material reinforce the spoken word. But to be effective, the quality must be of a high standard.

Would making a short film of the event be helpful? It may be that some of the speeches or presentations could be used for training purposes, or be used during a company presentation. The event might provide ideal public relations material for use on a much wider scale, thus generating extra value for money.

Make sure that the event is carefully targeted to suit the audience. This will ensure you keep their attention. By doing so, it will mean that everyone will benefit from the event. Corporate events are not just an excuse for a pleasant day away from the office, or a night out relaxing with colleagues. This is an opportunity to network, to present the company in a good light or to seek solutions for long term issues.

At the end of the event, seek as much feedback as possible. What worked, what didn’t work and how could it be improved? Don’t just ask the participants, ask the organisers and AV equipment providers. They see the event from a different viewpoint and can make helpful suggestions.