audio visual coordinator


You have found the perfect venue for your event. All the arrangements have been made, musicians and caterers booked and customers have been booking up. It is not until the day of the event arises, that you discover one thing has not been checked – the acoustics.

Just imagine the scene. The stage has been set up and the musicians are warming up. As you stand at the back of the hall it sounds great. The audience arrives, full of anticipation. The complaints start soon after the performance begins. In some areas of the venue, people are having difficulty in hearing the music. It is only then that you realise that the acoustics are rubbish. Walls are absorbing or diffusing the sound. Echoes are posing another problem making the bass notes really uncomfortable to hear. Trying to solve the issues as the performance progresses is impossible.

The audience becomes restless, bored and the event quickly begins to descend into a nightmare. Your company’s reputation and your own personal reputation are seriously damaged since people tend to remember disastrous events more than highly successful ones. Word soon passes around the industry as yet more people hear about the problems.

Yet avoiding this situation was possible. All it needed was some time and preparation. Involving your AV company at the very beginning would have meant that they could have checked out the venue and discovered the problem. This would have given you time to either find a different venue, or to find work with the AV company to devise ways of dealing with the poor acoustics.

An AV company can provide an incredible amount of advice. They have the know how, the expertise as well as the equipment to ensure that the audio visual elements of an event are always successful. They can adjust systems or provide extra equipment to cope with problems. For example, it may be as simple as rearranging a room to improve the acoustics. Talking over the situation and what you want to achieve enables the AV technicians to provide the best facilities.

Factor in time for the AV people to set up well in advance of the event. This gives them time to undertake a final check on equipment often with the participation of the musicians involved.

An AV company can be your best friend when it comes to organising a successful event – so seek their help from the beginning.