lighting for concerts

Ever thought about holding a fashion event or presentation underground? Or what about an event in velodrome or children’s playground? Such locations might sound a little far fetched – but they are just a few of the unusual venues chosen by event organisers. In 2010, for example, Thom Browne chose the Vigorelli Velodrome in Milan to showcase his cycling inspired collection for Moncler Gamme Bleu. While in Berlin, an Underground Runway was developed as an inexpensive way up and coming designers could show their ranges. People just had to get on the right train at the right time.

Many other events are held in historic buildings, art galleries or beside a major landmark. The resulting photography can look fantastic, and the audiences wowed by the location.

Unfortunately, booking such locations can turn out to be an eventual nightmare for the organisers, who then have to turn their attention to the practicalities. There may not be enough backstage space for the models to get changed, insufficient toilets or not enough room to provide catering. Worse still, the sound quality can turn out to be terrible. As if that is not bad enough, when it comes to laying out the catwalk, there may be many people in the audience who find their view obstructed by pillars or equipment. Attendees quickly lose interest and often leave early.

But, avoiding such problems is possible as long as the correct logistical preparations are made especially when it comes to the audio visual element. A good Audio Visual company will be prepared to take a look at the venue and provide advice on sightlines, on the type of equipment needed to ensure audibility and above all check for echoes! With prior knowledge, they can often mitigate or avoid altogether potential problems relating to sound and vision elements.

Choosing the best equipment for the location and having it installed well in advance will allow rehearsals to take place, checking that everything is working perfectly before the show. With skilled AV technicians at hand, they can quickly deal with any problems that occur such as microphones breaking down, bulbs breaking or power failures.

Instead of a disaster, the event becomes a total success and unforgettable for all the best reasons!