Virtual Reality Reaches New High

virtual reality

Virtual reality has reached for the skies with the launch of an innovative, unique immersive experience at the RAF Museum, Hendon, setting new standards for the AV industry.

The new Dambusters Experience involves elements that have never been combined together in this way before – headsets, projections, haptic vests, underfloor movement within a mock up of the interior of a Lancaster bomber. This is as close as it gets to the real thing – participants really feel as though they have stepped back in time.  You feel the engines lift, the plane moving, the radio crackling as the pilot gives instructions, see colleagues at work within the claustrophobic cockpit. Engines thrum constantly, the waves in the reservoir look disturbingly close as you fly just 60 feet above the surface.

It has already attracted a lot of attention within the leisure and events sector, with companies quick to recognize the potential opportunities for future use.

The Dambusters Experience reflects the way the industry is changing very rapidly, with a constant flow of new technology and new ways of utilizing skills and equipment, combining elements in hitherto undreamt of ways.  It is why AV specialists are crucial to the success of any event. Talking to them and seeking their advice is essential.

Every AV specialist and technician is constantly open to new ideas, new information and is conversant with all the new technology and equipment available.  They are constantly learning new skills and new techniques.  It is an automatic element in the long term skill set of an AV specialist.

Event planners can take advantage of that knowledge, that up to date awareness by involving their AV company at a very early stage in their preparation process.  Such expert knowledge means that the AV technicians can advise on the best products, the most up to date technology and AV methods to suit a particular location or activity, whether it is indoors, outdoors or in a pop up location.  By having time to check out sites, advise on equipment and make suggestions, they can make a significant positive impact on your event ensuring it is free from glitches while showing your event is totally up to date with all the latest advances in AV technology.

Make friends with your AV specialists and seek their advice as early as possible.  It can impact on all aspects of your presentation, as well as your company image and the customer experience.  Seeking the help of experts makes sense.