Designing & building a set

making you centrestage

adding impact

A big event means a big set

Establishing the mood

A good set can add drama and focus to the events going on around it. But creating a good one requires a little thought and planning.

The most important thing is that you don’t leave it too late. Make sure you have at least two weeks, or preferably three in hand.

The next thing to check is that you have access to the space.

There’s no point trying to squeeze a large set into a small service lift so you can deliver it to a conference room on the 3rd floor. And you need to make sure the ceiling is high enough for the screen.

A lighter shade of pale

Colour is an important consideration too. You need a good match not an approximate one if you’re going to do your branding justice.

For as little as £600 we can remove the headache of building your set and quote it as part of our project. A large custom built set starts from £1400.

If you wish, we can show you CAD drawings, so you know exactly what everything will look like.

Building your set means having the right resources to hand. Henrietta at The Worx explains...

Set design examples