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Audio Equipment Hire for AGM's in London and the UK

The Annual General Meeting is important for any size business. It is guaranteed to create awareness from shareholders keen to talk about progress and change. Where to find the best audio equipment hire for AGMs needs to be given some serious thought. EMS Events are specialists in delivering the right audio equipment for Annual General Meetings of all shapes and sizes. Virtually any form of audio equipment hire can be delivered at short notice and we have a wide range of choice in stock at anyone time.

All the important people that you expect at your next AGM need to be impressed. From shareholders, to analysts and even to members of the press audiences need to be amazed with message your company is selling. High quality audio equipment hire means the image portrayed by your business during your AGM is heard with confidence.

You want your event to go efficiently, without any hitches. Most AGM presentations will involve the use of Audio-Visual equipment. Ensuring sure that this type of apparatus works efficiently throughout the AGM relieves the stress of the day. EMS Events will guarantee that your AGM is a success story. Our professionalism and efficiency will put your mind at rest. of the com.

From audio visual hire and lighting through to interactive technology. Our personalised approach and proven-track record has made us the number one AGM provider in the region. Our team has unmatched experience with audio equipment hire for AGMs and specialist skills in helping you to manage your event. This is backed by a comprehensive understanding of the formal processes in achieving a successful AGM. EMS Events can accommodate for even the most high-profile AGM’s. We can even provide the technicians to operate it as well as interactive voting systems to ensure quick and easy results.

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AV Hire in London
Audio Visual Hire

We provide audio, visual and lighting equipment to hire for your events.

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LED wall hire for conferences
LED Video Wall Hire

Ensuring the events message is clearly relayed to all the delegates.

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event production rental
Event Production

Understanding our client’s needs is at the centre of everything we do.

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PA System hire london

2 Speaker PA System Package for conferences & events. For audiences of up to 85 delegates. Included in the package: Nexo PS8 Speakers Pair, Nexo PS Controller, Yamaha 5014 Powered Mixer, Microphone (handhled, lapel or lectern), laptop audio cables. Contact EMS Events for a quotation.

2 Speaker PA System Hire
pa system hire in london

4 Speaker PA System Package for conferences and meetings. For audiences of up to 200 delegates. Included in the package: Nexo PS8 Speakers – set of 4, Nexo PS Controller, Yamaha 5014 Powered Mixer, Choice of Microphone (handhled, lapel or lectern), Laptop audio cables. Request a hire quotation.

4 Speaker PA System Hire
pa system hire

6 Speaker PA System Package for conferences and seminars. Ideal for audiences of up to 400 delegates. Included in the package: Nexo PS10 Speakers x6, Nexo Controller, Behringer X32 Mixer, Matrix XT 4004 Amplifier, Choice of Microphone (handhled, lapel or lectern), Laptop audio cables. Hire from EMS Events.

6 Speaker PA System Hire
Matrix xt2004 amp hire

This four channel amp is equally at home powering the top end end of a large system, wedge monitors and high efficiency sub / satellite systems. We use the Matrix XT2004 to power our Nexo PS8’s, which are perfect for small conferences. Available to hire from EMS Events.

Matrix XT2004 Audio Amplifier Hire
Matrix XT4004 amp hire

A reliable workhorse, perfect for conferences & events. The EQ models incorporate a variable high / low pass filter on each channel swept from 70Hz up and additional operational modes when compared to the non EQ models. Request a hire quotation today.

Matrix XT4004 Audio Amplifier Hire
Studio Master C2S-4 Compact Passive Mixer

All units feature 2 band eq on all channels, auxiliary for external effects processors, pan/balance control, and input gain and level controls. A compact mixer for corporate events. Hire from EMS Events today.

Studio Master Passive Mixer Hire
Behringer X32 Digital Mixer

The Behringer X32 has changed the game by completely rethinking what is possible from a digital mixer. A fluid workflow coupled with a fully interactive user interface ensures immediate familiarity and installs confidence. Available to hire from EMS Events.

Behringer X32 Digital Mixer Hire
Allen & Heath Z10 Passive Mixer

The Allen & Heath ZED-10 is an amazing little desk for small conferences and events. It is ultra portable for carrying to the gig, and can be used for recording live or in the studio. It comes with configurable USB audio in/out making it easy to capture stereo recordings. Request a hire quotation.

Allen & Heath Z10 Passive Mixer Hire
Allen & Heath Z14 Passive Mixer

The Allen & Heath ZED-14 is a fantastic mixer for small events and Audio Visual applications. Provided with configurable USB audio in/out makes it easy to capture stereo recordings. Hire today from EMS Events.

Allen & Heath Z14 Passive Mixer Hire
Allen & Heath Z24 Passive Mixer

The Allen & Heath ZED-24 has an incredibly advanced feature-set for a mixer. It has 23 independent sources to the mix, 10 independent outputs, 4 aux sends, Configurable USB audio. A perfect mixer for corporate events. Request a hire quotation.

Allen & Heath Z24 Mixer Hire
Matrix amp hire XT6004

The XT6004 is the largest of the four channel amps, outputting 1200 watts of great sounding class AB sound per channel from its 8.6kg chassis.We use this amplifier to power the Nexo PS10′ and the LS500 Subs. Request a hire quotation from EMS Events on 0207 820 9000.

Matrix XT6004 Audio Amplifier Hire
Behringer X32 Producer Digital Mixer

The X32 Producer can be your top-notch event interface today, control a complex theater production tomorrow, or sit securely in your side-rack while you mix your band’s club gig from your iPad. Request a hire quotation

Behringer X32 Producer Mixer Hire

The Yamaha LS9 series consoles follow in the distinguished footsteps of the Yamaha PM1D, PM5D, and M7CL, expanding Yamaha’s digital mixing console lineup for live sound and installations. Perfect for live events and productions. Request a hire quotation.

Yamaha LS9 Digital Mixer Hire
Yamaha 5014 Powered Mixer

The Yamaha EMX5014C is an all-in-one powered mixer that packs high-performance mixer, it’s rack-mountable for easy portability, and is suited for a broad range of uses including conferences, seminars and live events. Hire from EMS Events.

Yamaha 5014 Powered Mixer Hire
Yamaha 5016 Powered Mixer

Live sound gear can be intimidating, but Yamaha’s EMX5016CF Powered Mixer takes the confusion out of setting up a professional-sounding live music experience. It is ideal for rental companies, bands, churches and live events. Request a hire quotation today.

Yamaha 5016 Powered Mixer Hire
Boundary Microphone

A boundary microphone is a small omni-directional condenser microphone capsule positioned near or flush with a boundary (surface). We generally use these for recording live events, but our boundary microphones have many uses. Request a hire quotation.

Boundary Microphone Hire
Shure SM57 Microphone Hire London

The legendary Shure SM57 is an industry standard, highly versatile cardioid dynamic microphone tuned for the clean reproduction of amplified and acoustic instruments. The SM57 is ideal for sound reinforcement at live events.

Shure SM57 Microphone Hire
AKG CHM99 Microphone Hire London

The CM12C is a miniture condenser microphone designed to hang directly over a choir or orchestra. An overhead, hanging microphone designed for vocal capturing, particularly choirs and vocal performances. Contact EMS Events today. request a hire quotation.

SCM12C Microphone Hire
AKG CHM99 Microphone Hire London

The AKG CHM99 is a hanging microphone module with cardioid polar pattern, used to record and re-enforce music or speech for conference rooms and events. The AKG CHM99 is powered by phantom power of any audio desk. Request a hire quotation.

AKG CHM99 Microphone Hire
Shure SM58 Microphone Hire London

Legendary cardioid vocal microphone tailored to deliver warm and clear vocal reproduction. The microphones is delivered with a stand adapter, brightened mid-range and bass roll-off and pop filter. Perfect for events. Request a hire quotation today from EMS Events.

Shure SM58 Microphone Hire
Drum Microphone Kit

Drum Microphones come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own unique characteristics to capture different parts of the drum kit. Dynamic and Condenser microphones are the most common types of microphone used to capture drums. At EMS Events, we offer a wide range of drum microphones for hire.

Drum Microphone Kit Hire
Gooseneck Table Microphone

Our gooseneck microphones are suitable for conference rooms and other environments where aesthetics play an important role. Available in cardioid, supercardioid and omnidirectional polar patterns, offer sound reproduction for a wide variety of applications, such as conference rooms and seminar rooms.

Gooseneck Table Microphone Hire
Shure MX412 Lectern Microphone Hire

The Shure MX412 is a great sounding lectern microphone, ideal for conferences and events. Super flexible microphone and a favorite at EMS Events. Request a hire quotation.

Shure MX412 Microphone Hire
AKG C3000 Microphone Hire London

The AKG C3000 high-performance, large-diaphragm condenser microphone has been a standard for live applications and studio recording for almost two decades. At EMS Events, we have a large inventory of these microphones. Request a hire quotation today.

AKG C3000 Microphone Hire
Push To Talk Microphone Hire London

EMS Events recently invested in Push to Talk Delegate microphones. Ideal for conferences and meetings, large or small meetings where full interactive discussions take place. Request a competitive hire quotation.

Push To Talk Microphone Hire
Sennheiser Handheld Microphone Wireless Hire in London

The handheld microphone now allows you to charge the optional rechargeable pack while it remains in the transmitter. Wirelessly link up the transmitter with the receiver with a single touch of the sync button. Perfect microphone for conferences and events. Contact EMS Events for a quotation.

Wireless Sennheiser Mic Hire
Nexo LS400 Speaker Hire London

The LS400 Subwoofer extends the usable range of a PS8 System to 40Hz, providing 131dB Peak SPL in an extremely compact, light weight package. The new NEXO-designed shielded neodymium 12″ driver makes the LS400 usable next to sensitive video equipment. Hire today from EMS Events.

Nexo LS400 Speaker Hire
Sennheiser Lapel Microphone Wireless Hire London

A very small high-quality directional clip-on microphone completes this set. Ideal microphones for presenters and panellists. Available to hire now.

Wireless Sennheiser Lapel Mic Hire
Audio Recorder Marantz PMD570 Hire London

This is a rugged, professional 1U rack-mounting two-channel recorder which uses Compact Flash memory cards or micro-drives of up to 8GB capacity as the recording media. Perfect for recording meetings and conferences. Request a hire quotation from EMS Events.

Audio Recorder Marantz Hire
DJ Booth Hire London

We stock DJ Booths, which are available in both a white and black finish. Simple to setup and have a profession look. Why not ask EMS Events for a quote.

DJ Booth Hire
Pioneer CDJ-2000 Nexus Hire London

We stock a range of DJ equipment for events. Why not contact EMS Events to get a complete quotation.

Pioneer CDJ-2000 Nexus Turntable
Pioneer DJM-900 Nexus Professional Mixer Hire London

Pioneer’s DJM900 Nexus is a high quality, 4 channel mixer with a built in sound card that is compatible with Traktor Scratch and with Serato DJ. The mixer also features a range of effects, Colour FX and MIDI control via USB. Request a hire quotation.

Pioneer DJM-900 Nexus Hire
Nexo PS10 Speaker Hire London

The LS500 SubBass extends the usable range of the PS10 Loudspeaker to 38Hz, providing 134dB Peak output in an extremely compact, light weight package. One LS500 is typically used with 2x PS10 loudspeakers. Additional units may be used for an enhanced effect. Get a hire quotation today.

Passive Bass Bin Nexo LS500 Hire
Nexo PS10 Speaker Hire London

A high power system capable of producing 132 dB Peak SPL, the PS10 Loudspeaker can be safely driven with up to 1250 Watts of amplifier power. Perfect for conferences and events. Request a hire quotation.

Nexo PS10 Speaker Hire
Nexo PS8 Speaker Hire London

The Nexo PS8 speakers feature advanced NEXO designed low magnetic emission Neodymium drivers, making the PS8 extremely light and compact while usable next to magnetically-sensitive professional video or computer equipment, making this the perfect speaker for live event environments. Hire from EMS Events today.

Nexo PS8 Speaker Hire
FBT 5′ Passive Speakers’

The FBT J5A series speakers feature lightweight, yet rugged gas injected molded polypropylene cabinet construction. A very small speaker, which is ideal for boardsoom and small scale meetings. request a hire quotation

FBT 5′ Passive Speaker Hire
Sonifex hy03 TBU Hire London

The Sonifex HY-02 and the HY-03 are high quality analogue telephone hybrids which are suitable for most general telephony applications and are often used in conferences and events. Ask us for a quote today.

Sonifex Telephone Balance Unit
Polycom IP7000 Conference Phone Digital – Hire London

The Polycom SoundStation IP 7000 conference phone delivers outstanding performance and robust capabilities. Ideal for boardrooms, conference rooms and auditoriums. Ideal for events where an analogue telephone line is not available. Request a hire quotation.

Polycom IP7000 Digital Phone
Polycom Soundstation 2 – Hire London

Polycom SoundStation 2 is ideal for small and midsize conference rooms seating up to 10 participants. It delivers exceptional performance and voice quality, making your conference calls clearer and more productive. Request a hire quotation.

Polycom Soundstation 2 Hire
Eartec Comstar Show Comms Hire London

The COMSTAR XT 8-User Full Duplex Wireless Intercom System from Eartec is specifically designed for teams that need to communicate while working with their hands. Perfect Comms system for production crews and conference organisers. Request a hire quotation.

Eartec Show Comms Hire
Event Walkie Talkie Hire London

Kenwood offers a wide variety of hand-portable walkie talkies specifically designed for use in professional applications. Easy to use, comfortable, rugged, reliable and incorporating advanced voice and data capabilities. Request a hire quotation today.

Event Walkie Talkie Hire
Audio Multicore Hire London

At EMS Events, we stock a selection of Multicores, which are available for hire. 10m, 25m & 50m aptions are available. Request a hire quotation

Multicore Audio Cable Hire
Induction Loop Hire London

Induction loops are available to hire from EMS Events. Perfect for events. Request a hire quotation.

Induction Loop – PDA 500/2 Hire
Sound Limiter Hire London

We also stock a range of Sound Limiters. Give us a call on 0207 820 9000 to find out more and to request a hire quotation.

Sound Limiter Hire

We are constantly updating and reviewing our audio hire equipment offering.

If an audio visual hire item not listed above is needed, give us a call on 0207 820 9000 or email us at and we will try to help.

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