Because not everyone

Speaks fluent English

Valeria talks about the importance of good equipment in simultaneous interpretation

A discreet service

Any truly international organisation has a diversity of languages within it. And for a successful conference it makes sense to make sure everyone really understands what’s happening. We recommend translation booths with two translators per language doing 20 minute shifts. They connect the interpreter’s voice channel with an infra red system that drives lightweight headsets for the delegate.

It’s discreet, straightforward and reliable even for an extended conference. The result is that at the end of a conference everyone is on the same page. Typical costs would be £850 per booth, or £2,500 for a booth, 10 headsets, and a duo of translators.

Our Simultaneous Interpretation hire services include:
  • Sound Proof Translation Booths
  • Interpreters (most languages covered)
  • Transmission Systems
  • Delegate Headsets and Receivers
  • Push to Talk and Conference Microphones
  • Extensive Audio Visual Equipment
  • Interpretation Technicians