Web streaming Services

Live streaming services, dual stream or FastStart

web streaming


Save money

Save on accommodation, airfares and travel expenses, C02 emission, and downtime away from work

Keep a record

The other benefits are that you’re able to have a complete record of the event for further purposes.

Stream it live

Fully scalable streaming media hosting allowing you to webcast events of all sizes to a global audience. Broadcast your video stream live across the internet.

On demand

Hosting and delivering your media content with our on demand streaming services to anyone, anywhere, any time. Immediate set up. Guaranteed Service. Guaranteed Support.

video streaming types

real-time transmission

This streaming is time-dependent, delivering, for example, live broadcasts, via special streaming server software.

A streaming server is the only way to transmit live broadcasts as, if necessary, it allows a reduction in viewing quality to ensure real-time delivery. This means an event that lasts 25 minutes will be transmitted for precisely 25 minutes, independent of server load or user’s bandwidth. And, as streaming media cannot be downloaded there is greater protection of content.

Weather progressive or real-time, web streaming allows two-way interaction, so participants off site can dialogue with presenters and participants in the main meeting.


Progressive downloading is frequently used for video-on-demand (there’s no download delay, so viewers don’t have to wait before they can begin watching).

This type of streaming allows media files to be served through a Web (HTTP) server. Once the user’s player has enough data, the video plays. The viewer does not have to wait for an entire file to download. Special server software is not required and progressive downloads can be hosted by most Web servers.

The big advantage to progressive downloading is the quality of the playback is often higher than real-time streaming and, once downloaded, the quality remains high, as the file is stored locally. The disadvantage is that media files can remain stored on a user’s computer, copied and forwarded by the user.

The main disadvantage is for users with a slow connection speed. They could need more time to watch a complete transmission. They may also experience short breaks in viewing while the media player waits for additional data.

Dual video streaming

Many companies now offer video streaming but relatively few can stream a video of a presenter along with their slide presentation.

Which is more important, the presenter or their slides? It’s a difficult call to make and if you’ve only one channel you have to decide what you’ll be showing.

But  EMS Events has the technology to bring your remote guests a dual stream so they can see both the presenter and their slides. This makes for a much richer, more informative experience. Two channels in our opinion are far better than one.

Web streaming interface

EMS Events can provide a dual stream, so the presenter and their slides can be shown simultaneously.