Lighting Is Lighting

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Lighting is lighting – isn’t it?

All you need for a good conference or event is a room with decent lighting, enabling participants to see what they are doing – or is it?

Lighting is actually a very complex issue, and needs a lot of thought and preparation no matter what type of event is being held. With the correct lighting, you can really bring an event alive, maximizing efforts and transforming an ordinary event into something spectacular.

It is not just a matter of providing a central lighting source, or relying on daylight. This can leave areas of a room in shade, or make visibility difficult. It can cause safety issues when people are moving around as they may find themselves tripping over or bumping into furniture or equipment. People need to be able to see effectively in order to make notes, record information, carry out conversations and business matters.

Using the correct lighting can make a difference, as you can highlight important areas or focus attention on speakers. There are lots of ways this can be done including spot lights and uplighters, as well as feature lights such as colour mixers, follow spots, LED lights, mood lighting and colour washes. These can be used to create different types of atmosphere and ambience, providing colour and darkness as needed. With new technology and equipment constantly being introduced, and interior designers finding new ways to maximize the effect of light, it can be very hard keeping up with what is happening.

Identifying exactly what type of lighting will suit your event is not always immediately apparent. Just looking at a room and trying to envisage what it will be like during your event, and the multifarious demands being made on that room over a period of hours can be hard. Trying to choose the best products out of a large selection of potential equipment can take a lot of time and effort.

Thankfully help is at hand. Talk to your AV specialist. With years of experience, and detailed product knowledge as well as understanding how to use lighting to its best effect, they can provide the information and ideas that will bring an event to life. They will be able to advise on the best products to use, and can even install and make sure everything is working perfectly throughout the event as they will always have spare bulbs at hand!