Video Walls

video walls for hire

Ever thought of using a video wall in your next conference or presentation?
You might be missing out on a massive promotional and business opportunity so why not talk to your AV equipment provider about the potential uses of video walls.

Video walls are incredibly attention grabbing, instantly communicating your message in a very eye-catching, memorable way. People remember images, instantly connecting them with an event or activity. It is the perfect way of showing places, short films or providing a moving background across a large area.

It is also extremely flexible. You don’t simply have to think in terms of a large square or rectangle. Video walls can be created in virtually any shape or configuration you like. They can be used indoors or outside, in the open or in a marquee. They can stand on the floor or be mounted on trusses. The choice is yours – all that matters is ensuring there is access to a source of electricity.

The images quality is spectacular. Illuminated by LED’s, the video walls are low energy and create a seamless screen surface offering vivid colours and sharp contrasts.

Video walls are perfect for interactive workshops using flip pages, touch bubbles, charts and graphics. In a presentation or at an event, speakers can interact with the wall to provide information and key statistics.

It is also great in waiting areas, where people are gathering to enter a conference or exhibition. A video wall can provide entertainment, alleviating boredom especially if there is an unexpected delay in starting. New messages can always be quickly added, so you can use to convey information to the maximum number of people quickly.

There is no doubt that people automatically take in information and images from a video wall. It is a great way to ensure that as many people as possible become aware of a specific message, both on a subliminal and aware basis. After all, visuals stay in the memory for a long time, and are often the most talked about feature.

Always give as much notice as possible to your AV provider when it comes to hiring a video wall. Bear in mind that it will take time to set up. Check with the AV technicians to ensure that the positioning is safe and secure, and is in the best place within your venue so as to ensure maximum visibility and effectiveness.