Audio Visual (AV) Hire and Outdoor Events


Apart from the performers, Audio Visual systems are the most important aspect of any successful gig. No matter whether the performers are playing to a massive crowd at an outdoor concert, or taking part in an event or corporate presentation; the performers need to be seen and heard.

It is the AV technicians job to ensure that this is possible. It is their responsibility to look after the screens that show the performers in action to those who cannot be close to the stage, and to ensure that everyone present can hear the band or the singers.

As soon as the venue is decided, the AV company should be booked as quickly as possible. Give the AV technicians plenty of access to the site in advance of the performance. They will need this time to check out the site, the exact location of the equipment and identify any problems that can occur. It is their expertise that will ensure there are no dead corners present where no sound can be heard; and the best location of speakers, amplifiers and those all-important screens. Connecting the various speakers, amplifiers and screens is not an easy job and will take time. It cannot be undertaken in a few minutes. The AV technicians will need time to complete all the connections and test them out to make sure that everything is working properly. Depending on the size of the venue, this could take several days.

They will also need to be present when the band is practising. Only then can they undertake any last-minute adjustments to the volume, sight lines and equipment to ensure maximum coverage. It will also enable them to ensure that the band’s instruments or voices are synchronise with the AV audio systems.

Adding in visual effects to the programmer will increase the preparation time required. The AV company will need to discuss these with the visual effects company in order to ensure the right equipment is in place. Such effects need to be not only perfect in creation, but exactly in time with the music. Only practice and time will ensure that co-ordination is in place.

Always discuss plans and ideas with your AV company well in advance. This gives them time to prepare. Avoid if possible making last minute changes or adding in new items because this will require extra time to prepare. It cannot be done overnight!