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High wire acts, trapeze artists, silk rope specialists, acrobats – the glitz and glamour of circus artistes are popular with business and organizations planning eye catching events. With the advent of Circus 250 activities nationwide this summer, celebrating the UK’s invention of the modern circus style 250 years ago, the spotlight will be falling even more upon the potential opportunities provided by circus artistes to event organisers looking for something special for their clients.

Yet the glitz belies the risks faced by many circus performers every time they perform. Admittedly, that it is that hint of danger which makes their performances so enthralling as audiences watch performers sliding down ropes of silk, walking on a tightrope or swinging from trapezes high in the air.
Although this risk is reduced by the sheer professionalism, skill and knowledge of these performers along with the fact that they erect and assume responsibility for their own equipment, the danger is always there. Accidents do happen, and can be fatal as experienced at the award winning Cirque du Soleil in Florida last month.

Booking circus artistes for an event will certainly gain attention – making sure that it goes smoothly requires a lot of expertise in more ways than one. Just think of the need for careful lighting to ensure that everyone in the audience can see the performer, and the audio facilities to hear the music. Badly placed spotlights can blind the performer creating unexpected hazards as they seek to perform to the best of their ability. Audiences too may find that lights shining directly into their eyes will prevent them from seeing what is happening.

Seeking the help and expertise of Audio Visual technicians at an early stage in the planning process ensures that such problems are avoided. With access to a wide range of the latest equipment, they can advise on different types of lighting, the location of spotlights, the use of colour filters and even the timing of lighting effects so as to maximise the impact of a circus performer within an event. Likewise, they are able to co-ordinate the music and sound effects. Allow time for performers and the Audio Visual specialists to do a dress rehearsal before the event actually takes place. This will give them the opportunity to iron out any problems or glitches and make sure that your event works perfectly from start to finish.