audio and visuals hire for fashion shows

Glitzy and dramatic, the extravaganza that is London Fashion Week attracts thousands of spectators every year, keen to discover the latest fashions and ideas. It is the undoubted highlight of the London fashion season. On a much smaller scale, fashion shows are held throughout the year as a way of raising money for charity, for corporate entertainment, by retailers promoting new ranges and end of year shows at design schools. Venues range from hotels to conference halls, warehouses to churches and art galleries.
While the fashion itself may vary considerably, the demand for Audio Visual hire is the same whatever the venue. Audio Visual is a key element of any fashion show. If spectators cannot hear the announcements or the descriptions of the clothing; or are unable to see the models and graphics, it becomes a waste of time for everyone. Graphics need to be carefully positioned so that they do not detract attention from the clothes being worn by the models, and lighting effects co-ordinated with the music and presentation.

Without Audio Visual, there can be no music to entertain the spectators or provide a backdrop to the stunning fashion creations. Music helps the models stay in rhythm as they walk down the catwalk. In addition, designers are using ever more elaborate Audio Visual technology in terms of lighting displays, flashing lights, videos and background music. A fashion show can almost resemble a live concert, as every image has to be memorable.

To ensure this succeeds, the Audio Visual equipment has to be top quality. There can be no risk of anything going wrong on the day. Just imagine the problems if microphones fail to work, screens jam, amplifiers break, and music is played at the wrong speed. The list of potential AV hazards for any unwary organizer is considerable.

To overcome this, the answer is simple. Hire the best Audio Visual equipment you can, along with trained technicians. Seek their help in advance in deciding where equipment will be placed, what lighting effects to have, what equipment to use. They are the experts and have the knowledge and experience to make sure everything works on the day. This reduces the stress on the organisers of the event, as they can concentrate on other features of the show, leaving the Audio Visual to the experts. Audio Visual experts know how to make a fashion designers show come to life, and stand out from the ordinary run of fashion shows.