projection hire for events

Choosing projection methods? Talk to the experts first.

Planning to show films, create 3D maps, computer graphics, powerpoint displays or internet links during your meeting, conference or exhibition? All you need is a projector and a screen – or do you? The answer is that it is no longer so simple. There are a host of different display methods available including LED walls, plasma screens, and projection screens.

With so many potential options to create your visual effects and display content, it can be very hard to know just which is the best choice for your event. There is a wide range of factors that have to be brought into the equation such as venue size, type of content and ambient light levels. Projectors and LED walls have different ways of measuring light and brightness, which can be potentially confusing when you come to choose between them. Even choosing a projector can be fraught with difficulties – what size do you need? There are quite a few different ones available.

Making the wrong choices will affect the success of your conference or event.
The answer is to talk to Audio Visual Hire specialists as early as possible during the preparation process. They have the knowledge, the expertise, the skills and access to an extensive range of equipment that can be utilised to ensure your event is a success.

Quite often they can make suggestions that will improve your overall display and presentation. They can recommend the best types of Audio Visual equipment for your venue. A location with lots of natural daylight could be a good choice for an LED screen as the images will be visible in full sunlight, whereas large spaces requiring effects such as 3D mapping might be better suited to projection. Some venues may even be served with a combination of different display techniques.

You don’t even have to install and operate the equipment yourself. You can bring in specialist Audio Visual technicians who can do the job for you. With a Audio Visual specialist on site it means that issues such as sight lines can be dealt with instantly. It also means that on the day, you can rest assured that if unexpected problems occur, the Audio Visual technician will be able to keep those glitches to an absolute minimum so that the event can progress smoothly.