Holding an event and finding your Audio Visual systems are not working properly can be a nightmare. After all, Audio Visual systems are essential for ensuring that communications between speakers and audiences and passing on informational messages work smoothly, likewise any accompanying music and special effects. If these fail, then your event fails. Whatever the type of event, large or small, Audio Visual is critical to its success.
Deal with any problems that occur, even if it just a blown bulb, immediately. Give it priority. The longer you leave it, the greater the chance of a knock on effect with related problems occurring, or even worse – attendees noticing! A blown bulb may only seem to be a small matter, but it ruins the overall effect and gives the impression that you don’t care about the impact of your event.

Have details available at all times as to how your Audio Visual system and related items such as LED lighting, gobo projectors and plasma screens are linked and set up. Details of cabling should be noted – switching off the wrong cable or the wrong plug could have serious consequences. If this information is instantly available, it becomes much easier to trouble shoot as soon as a problem occurs.

Always check that the power is switched on at every plug being used. This may seem to be a simple and very obvious task but it is surprising how often someone can accidentally turn off a plug or knock a cable slightly out of alignment.

Don’t panic. If something is going wrong with the Audio Visual systems, you need to be cool, calm and collected. Rushing to make an impromptu repair could itself lead to problems as you may be dealing with the wrong cable or piece of equipment! If other people present see you panicking, then it does create the wrong impression and can lead to undue worry about the entire event.

Ask for help. Talk to your Audio Visual Hire company and seek their advice. They will have access to replacement equipment, which can be installed quickly. Best of all, arrange to have some Audio Visual technicians on the premises, taking care of all the equipment and systems. Let them set it up, operate it and take it down at the end of the event. Bear in mind they are the professionals and will be able to undertake any troubleshooting far faster than you ever could do!