audio visuals for outdoor conferences

Who wants to be inside when it is hot, sticky and humid? Not surprisingly, outdoor cinemas and events thrive in such conditions. Corporate events too are often moved outside as it is much more comfortable for participants. It is a great way to relax and enjoy the summer weather.
But summer heatwaves can cause problems for the equipment that is being used, and event organisers all too often overlook this factor. Events need to run smoothly and efficiently so as not to disappoint audiences. Equipment overheating can occur more quickly than many event organisers anticipate.

The biggest problems focus on cable boxes, amplifiers, AV receivers and wiring. They create a tremendous amount of heat simply during use, let alone the added heat caused by the weather. Insufficient airflow around the equipment can lead to overheating, risking damage to systems, damaging the efficiency of electronics and even potential fires.

In these dry conditions, there can be a tremendous amount of dust being blown around, or simply drifting in the air. At the recent Latitude festival, many attendees were wearing face masks. Participants were commenting that their lungs were choked with dust. Just imagine what this level of dust can do to equipment.This can quickly clog up electronic equipment. Dust can build up quickly around the ventilation areas

Using the services of AV technicians becomes crucially important. They have the knowledge, the skills and the expertise to be able to monitor equipment heat levels. They can arrange to have alternative equipment at hand ready to use if problems begin to emerge.

An AV technician is also able to minimise the risks of overheating. Talking to them in advance and seeking their advice can be extremely valuable. They know the danger points, and can advise on positioning of equipment so as to ensure maximum efficiency yet without reducing space for airflow and ventilation.

Since the equipment being hired will arrive fully maintained and serviced, there will be no dust or dirt to cause problems. The AV technicians will be able to ensure that the equipment is kept clean throughout the event, thus avoiding any possible problems resulting from the build up of dust.

Avoiding and reducing problems is much more effective than dealing with them when they occur. Getting help from AV specialists will be immensely useful in avoiding heat related problems.