Filming your Event


Filming events of any kind, be it business or consumer, has become an everyday occurrence. It may be via someone’s Smartphone or via an officially appointed film crew, but whichever it is, images and sound track of your event are going to reach a very wide audience.

Making sure those images present the best possible impression is essential. There will be times when embarrassing events occur, and little can be done about the quick smartphone coverage that can ensure the episode is on the internet within minutes.

For an event organizer the possibilities for filming are tremendous and should always be borne in mind. It can provide a valuable record of an event which can be used for training, promotional or publicity purposes. At conferences, talks and presentations can be filmed thus enabling material to be disseminated to people who have not been able to attend.

Talk to your audio visual company at an early stage about the possibility of filming. It will after all be their job to ensure suitable AV equipment is available, and that AV coverage takes filming considerations in mind. They can advise on equipment, content and production methods.

Public filming notification signs must be evident throughout the event, so that everyone is fully aware that filming is taking place.

When preparing the outline for the filmed content, be clear about the exact content that you are seeking, which speakers need to be filmed or specific points of a presentation. Have a clear audio intro and visuals of logos or the location prepared in advance.

Filming equipment should be placed so that it does not obstruct the view of anyone in the audience. Work with your AV company to ensure lighting levels are suitable and that there are no unnecessary shadows. Although pre-event visits will enable initial decisions to be made, bear in mind that situations can change on the day and allow time for checking and last minute preparations before the event.