holograms for events

Holograms that walk around may seem as though they belong in a sci-fi book or film. Yet this sci-fi concept has become reality. The Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ahern was unable to appear in person to open the Tech Week Innovation Festival – so she went as a hologram. The technology was so good that it looked as though she was actually present, she walked into the room, made all her normal announcements and talked to various people. To all intents and purposes, she was present.

Other politicians have also experimented with hologram technology. Only last year, French presidential candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon appeared at several rallies as a hologram. The music industry is also investigating the technology. US company Base Hologram are planning music tours featuring holograms of the late Roy Orbison and Maria Callas.

The potential scope offered by hologram technology is clearly attracting increasing attention and event managers are certain to follow suit, exploring its possibilities in terms of product launches, presentations and conferences. Holograms can offer that extra touch of drama, as well as providing a means by which people who cannot be present in reality can actually take part.

Making the technology work does require skilled AV personnel – and plenty of time to plan ahead to make it really effective. Arrange a site visit as early as possible in the process, to make sure that the venue is suitable and can cope with the technological requirements. The AV technicians will need time to check out exactly where the equipment should be placed to create the best effect, location of power points and access for unloading and loading equipment. Rehearsals and sound tests will be needed to ensure that everything works perfectly, and AV technicians will be needed on the day to operate the technology. Having the appropriate staff in place ensures that any unexpected glitches are dealt with promptly and efficiently creating the impression of a seamless, problem free event.

The availability of such advanced technology shows just why it is important to co-ordinate with Audio Visual specialists from the very beginning of event planning process. Don’t underestimate the potential resources and knowledge of your AV company. Quite often, they will be aware of improvements in technology and presentation, such as the use of holograms that an event organizer might not otherwise have considered. Such suggestions can take an event to an entirely different level.