Maximize Hotel Business Opportunities With AV

AV for business meetings

Demand for AV facilities within hotels is rising and not just due to business meetings.  It is has become an integral part of promotions, conventions and presentations and is even beginning to appear in special events, even weddings and anniversaries where participants want to share their event with far flung friends, colleagues and relatives.

No longer is it enough to just provide a screen and projector.  Nowadays provision has to be much more complex with video walls, instant communications, surround sound and much more.  In America, AV is increasingly being used during Q&A sessions among large groups to allow audience members to text messages via mobile phones that appear instantly on the main screen, just as it was being spoken aloud.  It is enabling one to one communications to become the norm within meetings of any size.

AV is also spreading outside the conference room. Hotels, especially larger ones, are using AV to interact with visitors, and relay information about events especially within lobbies and public areas.  Often AV is used to provide innovative wall art while in hotel bars, it is replacing the traditional TV screen.

Trying to keep up with the trends and innovations within the fast moving AV technology sector is not easy.  This is where AV specialists have a distinct advantage.  They have the knowledge and expertise at their fingertips, and can help hotels maximize the business potential to attract new clients and bring in more trade as a result of providing the best AV facilities for conferences and events.  An added advantage often overlooked by many hotels, is that improved AV provision can also expand their ability to communicate with customers and staff.

Setting up regular discussions with an AV specialist, or simply seeking their help whenever renovations are being planned, will ensure that your hotel is at the forefront of AV provision.  It can also make sure that potential problems or hitches are avoided.  After all – providing the latest equipment is one thing, but will your bandwidth cope? Too much equipment overload and the systems can collapse under the strain. Such an issue can be easy to overlook unless you are an AV technician and specialist in this sector.

Talking to an AV specialist can be one of the best business decisions any hotel can make.  Not only will it give you access to the best equipment possible, but will also open up new business potential.