No Sound & No Visuals

No Sound & No Visuals

Just imagine the effect of an event that suddenly finds itself without sound or vision. No visuals to back up the presentations and make them memorable. Speakers cannot be heard beyond the first two or three rows. The rest of the audience quickly becomes restive and complaints are made. Worse still, in these days of social media, such situations would quickly go viral as someone present would inevitably upload content onto a social media site, or make comments on Twitter. Within a matter of minutes, thousands of people (including your competitors) would be aware of the disaster. It becomes, quite simply, a PR nightmare.

Avoiding this problem is equally simple. All that is needed is to work with a reputable, highly skilled audio visual company, who are experts at what they are doing and have the correct equipment.

Audio Visual has become more complex than just providing some microphones, speakers plus a few screens for visuals. Today’s audio visual technicians are highly qualified and trained to operate a vast range of equipment. Many have degrees in audio production, multimedia or digital media technology and are able to deal with very complex equipment and situations. When things go wrong – and even in the best organised events, the risk is always present – the AV technician can deal with the problem without anyone knowing a problem has occurred.

Reputable AV companies always have spare microphones and equipment at hand. The technicians can respond quickly to equipment problems and are constantly checking and double checking to make sure that everything is working as it should do.

Advice from an AV technician should never be ignored. They know their equipment, they know their industry and they are aware of how AV can be used to its greatest effect. It is not just sight lines within a room that can affect an audience’s experience of an event – it is also the acoustics. It might be simply noise from outside the room, but can result from poor insulation or simply poor room set up allowing sound to be absorbed or diffused. Speakers need to be in exactly the right places in order to transmit speeches and presentations to everyone within the room.

Talking to AV technicians and seeking their advice is clearly essential to making sure that every event works perfectly. A few minutes extra in the initial preparations can ensure that serious PR problems are avoided. Instead of a potential disaster, it becomes a total success for all concerned. Your reputation as an organiser is maximised, your company’s PR profile is increased, and all the participants whether audience or speakers have a great time.