the power of sound

Ignoring the power of sound is a big mistake when it comes to any event, big or small. If people cannot hear what is happening, then your event is a waste of time.
Sounds obvious? Yet all too frequently event organisers do not pay enough attention to the provision of really good audio quality. It gets forgotten amid the detail of finding locations, setting up an event, identifying speakers, generating publicity and the thousand and one unexpected problems that arise whenever you hold an event.

Audio provision is definitely the unsung hero of every event and should not be regarded as an afterthought, something to be added on or considered at the last minute. Talking to an AV provider early in the proceedings can make a tremendous difference to the success of your event.

No two rooms offer the same sound quality. The thickness of walls, the layout of furniture, the number of windows are just some of the features that can affect audibility. The direction of sound waves can be affected resulting in some listeners experiencing difficulties in hearing the entirety of a speech or presentation. As a result, this can lead to mistakes, to errors in information.

Getting your AV technician involved from the beginning reduces any risk of this happening. The AV technician can advise on ways to ensure maximum sound quality, on the provision on enough microphones and equipment, the layout of the room and the type of equipment that is needed.

Having them involved throughout the event, operating the equipment is an extra bonus. They are totally familiar with the equipment and will have spare microphones immediately available if problems occur. Frequently, they will also be able to spot potential problems and can take instant action to prevent your audience and speakers from experiencing any adverse situations. In fact, it is unlikely that anyone will be aware of any problems simply because the problems are dealt with efficiently and without any hitches or delays.

The result is a conference or event with complete audibility, and really good high quality sound levels that provide a consistent tonal balance for every person in the audience. It ensures that no information is lost or misheard, and every attendee leaves feeling positive and confident about the event. The result of such forethought is the perfect event ensuring everyone involved has the best possible experience.

Giving priority to the sheer emotional power of sound will make a tremendous difference to your event.