Why Use an Audio Visual Specialist


All too often audio visual facilities come low down the list of priorities when booking an event – but this is the wrong attitude to take. Audio Visual can make or break your event. When all participants can see and hear everything that is being said or shown on screen, they are happy. If they hear misleading information due to poor quality AV or find they cannot see many of the images, they will go away unhappy and reluctant to return.

Using an AV specialist will make sure that everyone has a good experience. An AV specialist knows the industry, has access to high quality equipment and the contacts necessary to make sure that everything goes smoothly. The role of an AV specialist has been likened to the conductor of an orchestra – they take all the disparate parts of an event and pull them together so that they work seamlessly.

Consequently, it is vital to put AV at the top of the list when setting up an event. Talk to an AV specialist as early as possible in the process, making sure they know exactly what you are seeking to achieve. They will need a lot of information in order to give quotations and organise your facilities. Among the essential information required are the timescale, the length of the event, the number of participants, style of seating, room dimensions, the exact format of the event and the type of equipment that will be required such as microphones, projectors, types of port, power leads, computers and other devices which will need supporting.

Arrange a site visit with your chosen AV company. This will enable them to discover what the rooms are like and what facilities are already available such as internet access. It will enable them to identify where equipment will have to be placed, the location of power points and ease of access to load and unload equipment.

When working out your timetable for the day, remember to allow time for the AV provider to run equipment and sound tests before the event commences. The AV technicians will be at hand throughout the day to deal with any glitches that occur such as microphones that stop working, or problems with PowerPoint displays.

AV specialists are vital ingredients within the events and conference sector. Their help and advice should never be underestimated.