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You plan weeks, perhaps months or even years in advance.

You invite some of the most important people in your business and there is plenty at stake. And when the event happens, you rely on all your suppliers to get things absolutely right. The right food, lighting, ambience and absolutely the right microphone jack. But getting it right isn’t just about luck. It’s about commitment to detail.

Ali Blows on what it's like to work with a highly experienced team

Audio Visual Hire

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Plasma screen hire london 18


We stock 32″ all the way up to 152″ HD Plasma, LCD and LED commercial display monitors. 42″, 50″, and 60″ are our most hired monitors. Video walls in various formats and stands are also available. Our range includes Panasonic, NEC and LG monitors.

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PA System hire 5


We have supplied public address (PA) systems for small gathering all the way up to events with thousands of delegates. Our full range of public address (PA) equipment includes passive & active speakers, digital & analogue mixers, amplifiers, EQ systems, CDJ’s, induction loops and much more.

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microphones for hire london uk


Our range of microphones include wireless handheld, lapel, push to talk, gooseneck, boundary and drum microphone kits. All of our wireless microphones operate on the new channel 70 bandwidth. Manufactures include Sennheiser, Shure, AKG and Trantec.

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Event Lighting for Hire 1


We have one of the largest range and stock holding of lighting equipment in London. Lighting includes LED moving heads, beams, wash, LED par cans, battery powered wireless uplighters, source 4’s, follows spots. Avolites and Zero 88 digital lighting desks are also available.

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Exhibition board hire London


Exhibition display boards are increasing being used in conferences and meetings. Usually placed at the back of the room, they give delegates an opportunity to gather information at their own pace. Our display panels are 2M x 1M each and can be joined to make various shapes and sizes. The boards are conference grey in colour and are velcro friendly.

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EMS Technicians


Our technical team has over 140 years experience between them. Needles to say they know the industry thoroughly. Our technicians are experts in their respective fields. Video, projection, camera, streaming, audio, production are some of the areas we excel at. They are friendly too.

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Getting it right

Long before you’ve ordered a single canapé, your event will have plenty at stake. The combined salary costs of all the guests making time in their busy schedules can run into the hundreds  of thousands, even millions of pounds. That’s a big investment and one that needs honouring.


Ems is a dedicated team of people who help make your event the best  it can possibly be. It could be a small meeting or a major project. Perhaps you’re an events manager who needs to stage a relatively simple awards dinner for 300; or maybe its a party for a highly sensitive aerospace launch. Whatever you’re doing we can help.

Helping you move quickly

Right from the start when you ask for a quote, we’ll provide it quickly. That’s why we answer most requests for quotes the instant you call or email us. If we need to source a quote from an onward supplier we’ll do that quickly too. We understand you have clients too.

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