Video Streaming


Video streaming is increasingly popular as a way of maximising coverage of an event, performance or presentation. People can sit in offices or homes and watch an event unfolding many hundreds of miles away, just as it happens in the venue. The impact of video streaming is considerable and can be extremely beneficial to a company. But as with all technology based activities, it is important to plan ahead. Simply deciding two or three days before an event that you are going to video stream part or all of the proceedings is a recipe for disaster.

Time is needed if video streaming is to work properly and effectively. Think about exactly what you are planning to do. Is it just a way of enabling people at many sites to participate in the day’s events? Should all, or just part of the event be streamed? Does it need to be translated into other languages as part of the streaming?

The publicity advantages of video streaming should not be ignored. You can use it to attract attention or make a really memorable statement about your company.

A key priority is talking to your AV company. They need time to prepare and ensure that all the equipment is ready for the event. The AV technicians need to know exactly what you are planning and what you require.

The AV technicians will need to check out the venue with you. It is important that the room is suitable for web streaming and has the right connections. High speed data transfer is essential if viewers at other locations are to gain the same impression as someone on site.

Check out the connectivity of the venue carefully. Find out if a line can be dedicated to your web stream? Find out how fast it is and just how reliable it is. Make sure that the internet system is capable of maintaining the video streaming from start to finish. Ask the AV technicians to check out the line and make sure it works in advance of the event taking place. They can test out the line, and ensure that all the equipment being used is fully compatible.

Sound checks are also needed. The AV staff will need to make sure that the sound volumes are of the highest quality and are ready to tweak, and adjust throughout the event especially if speakers suddenly lower or raise their voices.

Make sure that all participating sites are aware of just when the live steaming will take place – and that they have got the equipment ready to receive it.

Then, and only then, can you sit back and enjoy the performance!