Different Types of Audio Visual Equipment for your Event

Types of Audio Visual Equipment

When you’re having an event, there is a wide choice of audio visual equipment. Choosing the perfect one can be daunting without the guidance of a professional. Obviously, with audio visual hire companies offering their services, you do not have to worry about making a wrong choice. However, it is still a good idea to have knowledge about some audio visual equipment should the audio visual adviser fail to mention such options. Note that, there are many design options. Here we include some of the latest equipment, making a buzz in the audio visual industry.

Audio Equipment

Choosing an audio visual equipment for an event can be difficult. It’s important to know what you’re aiming to achieve. Audio equipment is a must for any type of event. Whether there is going to be a speaker or several speakers. Good audio equipment allows the audience to hear clearly from anywhere in the venue. The visual often comes as an addition, depending on the objectives of the event. However, these days, it’s difficult to find an event that doesn’t have both audio and visual equipment, and some sort of lighting.

For sound, audio visual service providers have many options. Well known is the microphone and speakers. However, improvement in technology means that the quality of sound is clearer and sharper. The most recent development is the introduction of wireless audio devices. For example, wireless microphones. The devices are hardly noticeable and can be attached to the speaker’s attire. Trend in audio includes:

  • Wireless technology
  • High resolution audio
  • Smart speakers
  • Hearable devices.

These new technologies are increasingly finding their use in the audio visual hire industry, allowing a greater experience in sound quality for event participants

The Best Visual Equipment for Hire

When it comes to visual equipment tremendous leap has been accomplished with a wide range of new technologies. If you’re not a professional or do not have any knowledge of audio visual equipment, it’s very easy to lose track as new technology is offering a greater experience to audiences at events. Among the trending visual technology for events are LED displays. These have completely replaced bulky monitors. The trending visual technology include:

  • LED walls – LED walls are used for presentation at events
  • LED/plasma screens – they can be seen almost everywhere in store fronts, public place, etc. These screens allow the display of information in high-definition resolution.
  • Virtual reality and augmented reality – these are becoming quite popular events such as exhibition to promote a brand or the product of a company. The audience in virtual reality is immersed fully in an artificial digital environment while the augmented reality overlays virtual objects in the real-world environment.
  • New generation projections and screens – there is a wide range of projections allowing sharper images. Many different brands are available, allowing for a wide choice. Projectors are becoming smaller, but more powerful.
  • Lamp less projectors
  • Projection mapping

The use of visual equipment for events have greatly increased the mood and feel of events. Some, such as interactive display screens allow a greater audience participation, thus captivating the audience attention. With audiovisual technology, businesses can lower their cost when it comes to organizing meetings. The use of teleconferencing allows businesses to communicate with partners or their representative instantly from anywhere in the world.

Using an Audiovisual Service Provider

Advancement in technology and the wide range of audiovisual equipment available mean that allowing an audiovisual company to cater for your audio-visual needs during an event to ensure that you have the latest technology equipment and a professional team taking care of all your needs. From the installation of the equipment on-site through to the management so that everything works properly.

There are many other equipment and accessories available to enhance the audiovisual experience of the audience in events. Lighting is used in very creative manners. It’s important to explain correctly, your needs for an event so that the audiovisual service provider can provide various solutions suitable for your event.

For the success of your event, it’s necessary to choose a team of professional audiovisual service providers. The company should be in tune with the trend in the industry and able to provide advice depending on the type of event you’re having. Only by having very good audiovisual equipment can you make a success of any type of event.